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Fire Warden Training is a one-day course. The course delivers the depth knowledge on fire safety matters and security plans. The course contains three modules are as follows:

  • Management of Health and Safety
  • Introduction to the Fire Action Plan
  • Identifying Hazards in the Workplace
  • Fire Warden Responsibilities
  • Methods for Prevention and Protection
  • Types of Fire
  • Impact of Safety Equipment
  • Fire Audit
  • Risk Assessment

Safety Equipment and Escape Routes

  • ·       Learn to manage people during an emergency situation

    ·       To know about various duties and responsibilities

    ·       Multiple approaches to decrease risks

    ·       Be aware of fire prevention techniques

    ·       Delegates will be able to implement the action plan

    ·       Able to use the extinguishing equipment

    ·       Know to maintain the duty as a safety manager

    ·       Identify fire threats in the workplace

    ·       Measures to avoid fire risks

    ·       Able to determine human Psychology at the time of calamity

    ·       Benefits of this Fire Warden Training Course

    ·       Delegates will be capable of using the safety equipment

    ·       You will be able to react quickly at the time of emergency

    ·       Learn the process to slow down the range of the area Commence the role of fire warden You will   be capable of handling the situation efficiently

    ·       Able to understand the use of extinguishing equipment

·        Fire legislation and regulations

·        Chemistry of fire & how a fire spreads

·        Fire detection

·        Fire prevention procedures

·        Fire evacuation procedures

·        Fire extinguishers

·        Firefighting tools and techniques


·        The duties of a Fire Marshal/Warden