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AOSH UK First Aid Qualifications have been made in line with the guidelines of Health and Safety Executive (HSE). At Oshtree we make sure a learner gets their best training to develop as well as further enhance their skill and knowledge regarding first aid.

Employers have the responsibility for providing safe and healthy workplace conditions as well as a safe system of work. For that, they need the correct knowledge and the right attitude, which demands proper training in the basics of health and safety, as well as specific training for individual tasks.

The level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is a qualification appropriate for health and safety professionals who are seeking to take their professional credentials a step further. It is meant for candidates who are responsible for developing and applying health and safety procedures in an organisation.

All food handlers must receive appropriate training in food safety practices relevant to their duties. However, having a good understanding of food safety practices is not only just a legal requirement, it is also essential in protecting the health of both consumers and food handlers.

The world is at a stage where industrialisation has sped up the level of environmental pollution and climate change which in turn has bounced back upon all living being in forms of natural calamities, global warming etc and is a potential threat to every life form on earth including flora and fauna. Environmental management is a responsibility everyone has to the ecosystems we live and breath in.

Certified Master Trainer (Train the Trainer) Certificate programme content is practical and grounded in the real world, not just in academic theory. This is a program that focuses on what happens before, during, and after you deliver training, and what to do if training is not the right solution. Learner feedback indicates high value in the following areas: student engagement, expert facilitation and applicable tools and techniques.

AOSH is an awarding body that provides several courses that will help professionals develop their skills in various sectors.