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📸 Workshop Includes:

1. Introduction to Basics of Photography

  • Master your camera settings and functions
  • Learn essential composition techniques for impactful photos
  • Understand the role of lighting and framing in photography

2. Night Photography

  • Explore the art of capturing stunning photos in low light
  • Understand long exposures and creative use of artificial light
  • Tips and techniques for shooting breathtaking night scenes

3. Street Photography

  • Develop skills to capture candid moments in urban environments
  • Learn the art of storytelling through street photography
  • Overcome challenges and build confidence in public photography

4. Photo Editing

  • Introduction to photo editing tools and software
  • Enhance your images through basic editing techniques
  • Transform your photographs into visual masterpieces

5. Summary of the Session

  • Recap key learnings from each segment
  • Receive personalized feedback on your work
  • Connect with fellow participants and share your experience

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What Our Students Say

"Great teacher, thorough, sincere and certainly knows his craft.

- St. Darwin

"Recently completed a photography course with Oshtree. It was a wonderful introduction to the world of photography. They are passionate and dedicated professional and this is translated in their lectures.

- Kennedy Meki

"Grateful for the incredible photography journey provided by Oshtree trainer. Their expertise and support have truly elevated my skills.

- Praveesh Kottiath