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AOSH UK Level 2 Award: Emergency First Aid at Work - Your Gateway to First Aid Excellence !


In our fast-paced world, accidents can happen at any moment. From a simple slip and fall to more serious emergencies, being prepared to offer immediate first aid can make all the difference. That’s where the AOSH UK Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work comes into play. This accredited course, provided by Oshtree Training & Consulting, serves as your gateway to first-aid excellence.

Understanding the AOSH UK Level 2 Award:

The AOSH UK Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work is more than just a certification; it’s a commitment to the safety and well-being of those around you. Accredited by the Awarding Organization for Occupational Health and Safety (AOSH), this program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to provide immediate and effective first aid in the workplace.

i. Accreditation Matters: Accreditation is a critical factor when choosing a first aid course. The AOSH UK Level 2 Award is recognized and respected, ensuring that your training meets the highest standards of quality and relevance. It’s a mark of trust and credibility in the field of first aid.

What Skills Does it Impart?

The course covers a wide range of vital first-aid skills, including:

1. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation): Learn the techniques to perform CPR and save a life in the event of a cardiac arrest.

2. Dealing with Bleeding and Wounds: Acquire knowledge about handling various types of wounds, from minor cuts to more severe injuries.

3. Treating Burns and Scalds: Understand how to provide immediate care for burn victims.

4. Choking: Learn how to assist someone who is choking, potentially preventing a life-threatening situation.

5. Fractures and Dislocations: Discover how to immobilize and support injured limbs.

ii. Practical Hands-On Training: Oshtree’s AOSH UK Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work emphasizes practical, hands-on training. You’ll have the opportunity to apply your skills in realistic scenarios, ensuring that you can confidently respond to emergencies in real-life situations.

Why Choose Oshtree?

When it comes to first aid training, the choice of a reputable provider is crucial. Oshtree Training & Consulting brings an exceptional track record in delivering high-quality training across various sectors. Their experienced instructors and commitment to excellence make them a preferred choice for individuals and organizations alike.


In a world where emergencies can strike at any time, being prepared is not an option; it’s a responsibility. The AOSH UK Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work, offered by Oshtree Training & Consulting, is your gateway to first aid excellence. This accredited course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in critical situations, potentially saving lives. Choose quality, choose accreditation, and choose Oshtree for your first-aid training needs.